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Solar plants control

We have several device for control and maintenance of solar plants and for energy monitorig:

Meteo station for environmental parametr acquisition

Allows you to measure all environmental parameters required to make an assessment of the proper operation and plant productivity. Also available in Wireless powered from solar panel.

 Digital signals acquisition boards

Available in Panel (DIN connection) or in waterproof box, allow you to capture the state and the switching number of switches (as for example in case of opening doors, alarms, etc.). Ideal for cabins remote control and when you want to get the status of switches such as that of  opening the doors (when entrance into the cabin is not authorized), voltage transformer, etc.. The device is also equipped with a digital probe temperature that allows measuring the environment  temperature in which the circuit itself is located.

Analog signals acquisition boards

ARM Cortex M0 equipped  data acquisition board with 8 analog inputs (10 Bit precision). Ideal to realize low cost monitoring systems, can supply  power for our Hall effect transducers. The circuit is also equipped with two pulse inputs.

Output boards

Output boards with 8 relais and output status display, equipped wit an ARM cortex MO controller. Max relè current 10A.

Field panels

We can supply field panels with standard structure or custom connection


We can supply industrial datalogger with different housings that supports Windows CE and Linux Embedded OS.